Medical marijuana card via telehealth ohioOhio now allows telehealth appointments for medical marijuana evaluations, and we offer them!

What Is Telehealth?

If you’ve ever used FaceTime or been on a Zoom call, then you already have an idea of what an online video call is.

If not, an online video call is, simply, a conversation between two or more people in separate locations that’s conducted over video in addition to just audio. In other words, it’s like a phone call in which you can see the person you’re speaking with on a screen in front of you.

Telehealth is a technology that allows a doctor and a patient to converse over online video call instead of in person or over the phone. By being able to see you as well as hear you, the doctor can provide a sufficiently thorough examination to verify most qualifying conditions for medical marijuana in Ohio.

What Does Telehealth Require?

Telehealth requires no special software or equipment other than your cell phone or computer and an internet connection.

Is Telehealth Safe?

Telehealth is a secure technology that protects you from hackers, malware or other cyberattacks while using it.

For this reason, it’s not only safe to use telehealth to conduct your doctor’s appointment, but also to:

  • Provide informed consent.
  • Submit medical records.
  • Obtain treatment.
  • Send and receive electronic communications.

Our telehealth services comply with all state and federal regulations regarding medical health and privacy.

Medical marijuana card via telehealth ohioWhy Use Telehealth?

There are a number of advantages to using telehealth to get your Ohio medical marijuana card:

  • Affordability – Our doctor’s visits cost only $99 per visit, whether an initial or renewal visit; compare that to what you’d spend to see your doctor in person.
  • Safety – In an age when traveling outside your home into a populated area (like a doctor’s waiting room) carries the additional risk of acquiring a dangerous disease, our service protects your health and safety by enabling you to stay home for your doctor’s visit.
  • Convenience – Instead of having to carve out time in your schedule to drive or take a bus, cab or rideshare to and from your doctor’s office, wherever it may be, only to wait around until you can see the doctor, our service requires no commuting or waiting.

Who Can Use Our Service?

Qualifying Ohio patients can use our services for initial medical marijuana evaluations and renewals. That means you can use us to both obtain your original Ohio medical marijuana card and keep it active and valid from then on.

4 Simple Steps for Using Telehealth to Get Your Ohio MMJ Card

If you qualify for an Ohio medical marijuana card, using our telehealth services to get the doctor’s recommendation you need is a matter of four easy steps.

  1. Create an account at MMJCard4Less – Just provide your phone number and create a password. Then, answer some simple questions to ensure you qualify for medical marijuana in Ohio.
  2. Schedule your telehealth appointment – After providing all the necessary information, you can schedule yourself to see one of our doctors within 20 minutes, if you desire. All our doctors are licensed physicians certified to recommend (CTR) medical marijuana in Ohio.
  3. Attend your telehealth appointment – Before your scheduled appointment, you’ll receive an email or text, depending upon your preferred method of contact, containing a secure link to your telehealth appointment. At the appointed time, click the link and meet with the doctor face-to-face, describing your medical history, qualifying condition and symptoms, answering the doctor’s questions and, if necessary, submitting to an examination and/or uploading medical records.
  4. Pay the fee for the appointment – Our fee is $99, unless you’re a veteran, active military, a senior, low-income or permanently disabled, in which case it’s only $89.

And that’s it! Assuming the doctor deems you qualified, he or she will submit your medical marijuana recommendation directly to the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program for you.

How Do You Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Online From There?

Once the doctor has submitted your recommendation, the OMMCP will review it within a matter of days. You will then receive an email containing a secure link to your profile in the OMMCP Patient Registry, where you will complete your profile, submit your completed application for an Ohio medical marijuana card and pay the state fee.

All you do from there is wait to receive the email containing your downloadable digital Ohio medical marijuana card.

Get Started Using Telehealth for Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card or Renewal Now

Schedule a telehealth appointment with one of our Ohio CTR doctors today, and get access legally to the medical marijuana you need. Once again, our services are available to all Ohio residents who qualify for the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program (OMMCP).