Renew Ohio Medical Marijuana CardRenew Medical Marijuana Card in Ohio Medical marijuana cards in Ohio are valid for a period of one year, at which time they expire and become invalid unless the cardholder has renewed it before that time.

Here’s how to renew medical card Ohio MMJ patients have already been issued. You’ll also learn how to do it more cheaply and safely using telehealth services.

When to Renew Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

You must renew medical marijuanas card Ohio issues you before the expiration date listed on the card. Otherwise it will expire and you will lose your safe access to medical marijuana and legal permission to possess and use it.Renew Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

When do I have to renew my medical marijuana card in Ohio?

You can only renew your Ohio MMJ card within the 30-day period leading up to your card’s expiration date. That means you cannot do it more than 30 days prior to that date, nor can you do it after that date.

Will I get an email reminder that it’s time to renew?

Neither the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (OMMCP) nor the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy will send you an automated email with a link to click to renew your registration. Instead, you must remember your card’s expiration date and plan ahead to make sure you renew it before it expires. Otherwise, there could be a lapse in your safe access to legal medical marijuana.

Step-by-Step Guide to Renewing Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

As long as your card has not expired, simply follow these steps to renew your Ohio medical marijuana card.

1. Get a new doctor’s recommendation.

The first step is to get a new doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana. It can be from the same doctor who issued the original recommendation or a new doctor, as long as they are a licensed and Ohio CTR (certified-to-recommend) physician.

Fortunately, with, getting a new doctor’s recommendation is as easy as getting your original doctor’s recommendation, or easier, and costs less.

Mmjcard4less lets you use telehealth to correspond with a qualified doctor from the safety and comfort of your own home using nothing more than an internet connection and an internet-enabled device like a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Below this list of steps for renewing your Ohio MMJ card, you’ll find another set of steps, this time for using our services at to get your new doctor’s recommendation.

2. Log into the patient registry to pay the renewal fee.

As the holder of an Ohio medical marijuana card, you already have a profile in the Board of Pharmacy’s Medical Marijuana Patient Registry. Log into this profile to complete your registration.

Provided the doctor has submitted your new recommendation to the Board on your behalf, a red button labeled RENEW CARD will appear on your profile. Click this button to complete the process of renewing your card.

If the button is not yet there, it means the Board has either not yet received or processed the doctor’s recommendation. Once it does, the button will appear and you can complete the renewal process. Until it does, however, you will have to wait.

Logging into the patient registry

Use the same email and password you set up when you first activated your Registry account. If you forgot your login information, you can retrieve your username and reset your password from the login page. (For more information on resetting your Patient Registry password, review this article:

Once inside your profile, follow the prompts to renew your card. The website will show that your mmjcard4less doctor has already submitted your new medical marijuana recommendation to the Pharmacy Board on your behalf. All you have left to do is pay the state fee.

Paying the state fee

The state fee in Ohio to renew a medical marijuana card is $50, unless you qualify as a veteran, low-income or on disability, in which case you only pay the $25 medical card renewal Ohio charges those groups.

To pay this fee, the Pharmacy Board accepts MasterCard, Visa and Discover; it does not accept American Express.

Receive your renewed card

Once you pay the state fee for your Ohio medical marijuana card, the site will automatically return you to your Registry profile. There, on the left side of the screen, you’ll find your active Ohio MMJ card with its new expiration date printed where the former one had appeared before.

To print this card or save it to your device, click the Download button.

What if my card has already expired?

If your Ohio medical marijuana card has expired before you renewed it, you must apply for a new Ohio medical marijuana card instead. To complete this process, follow the same steps you would to get your original Ohio medical marijuana card. As with renewing your card, these too are essentially the same steps.

The key difference is that the Pharmacy Board actually will send you an activation email after receiving your doctor’s recommendation instructing you to complete the process of getting your card. This is unlike renewing a card, for which the Board sends no such email and it’s up to you to check in on your profile to see if the red RENEW CARD button is active for you to click.

The main difference is that you’ll pay the higher fee the state charges for an initial medical marijuana card instead of the low fee it charges for a renewal.

How to Use to Get Your Ohio MMJ Card Through Telehealth

Using mmjcard4less to get your Ohio medical marijuana card is simple as can be. All you do is:

  1. Sign up at – There, you’ll provide basic contact information and your qualifying condition and upload your Ohio photo ID and any medical records you may have supporting that diagnosis.
  2. Schedule and meet with a doctor – Usually, we can have you speaking with a doctor over video call within 20 minutes, or a later, more convenient date and time for you, to get your required medical marijuana evaluation and, if applicable, recommendation. Be sure to log in prior to your appointment time and check in by clicking the CHECK IN button.
  3. Pay the fee – The fee to use mmjcard4less to renew your Ohio medical marijuana recommendation is $99, unless you are a veteran or active member of the military or permanently disabled, in which case it’s $89. (To get the discounted rate, you must present Veteran ID, Military ID or proof of Permanent Disability, as applies.)
  4. Complete your renewal – Follow the instructions in the previous section, Step-by-Step Guide to Renewing Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card, to complete the renewal process and obtain your renewed card.

For More Information

If you have any questions about renewing your Ohio medical marijuana card or about medical marijuana in Ohio in general, you can contact the OMMCP by email at:

You can also contact at or 740-200-4040 with any questions about getting your doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana in Ohio using the conveniences of telehealth services.