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Compare and Save Want to reach licensed Ohio doctors who prescribe medical marijuana and can make an approval process simple and stress-free? Not just any Ohio doctor can give you the proper recommendation for an Ohio medical marijuana card.

First of all, the doctor must be a DO or MD, licensed in Ohio who, most importantly, is certified by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program to recommend medical marijuana legally to patients. As such, their services are not generally covered by insurance and their fees include certain required services not typically included in a standard doctor’s office visit fee, which leads us to our second important requirement for an Ohio medical marijuana doctor’s services: that they should be affordable.

With that in mind, we offer you below the pricing of many other medical marijuana Ohio doctors, so you can compare and see how much more affordable the doctors are at MMJcard4less.

Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctor Pricing

Unless otherwise stated, all fees below include 12 months of continued care, as required by Ohio state law. After 12 months following your visit with any of these Ohio medical marijuana doctors, you must visit once again to renew your Ohio medical marijuana card for another year.

What these prices do NOT include is the fee to register with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy Patient and Caregiver Registry and get your Ohio medical marijuana card. That costs $50 per year, except for veterans who are currently on SSI or SSDI, who pay $25 instead.

100% Online PTSD Diagnosing

Doctor Dr. David Bonanno, Clinical Psychologist
Location Columbus
Pricing $185

AccuDoc Urgent Care Medical Marijuana Doctor

Doctor Dr. Trent Austin, Internal Medicine Physician
Location Cincinnati, Harrison
Pricing $169 per year for non-veterans
$149 per year for veterans (Cincinnati); free with donation (Harrison)
$25 booking fee added to total

Advanced Medical Associates

Doctor Dr. Mark Neumann, DO
Location Toledo
Pricing $150 for new patients plus $50 for required follow-up
$100 for renewals

Cleveland Cannabis Doctors

Doctors Dr. Jessica Hutchins, Dr. Daniel Neides
Location Beachwood
Pricing $249 per year

DocMJ – Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctors

Doctors Clyde Watson, MD; Paul Yang, MD
Locations Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Cleveland, Monroe
Pricing $30 per month or $189 annually

Green Compassion Network (GCN)

LMHP Julia Appleby
Pricing $245 plus $20 deposit for initial evaluation (non-veterans)
$195 plus $20 deposit for initial evaluation (veterans and indigent individuals)

Green Harvest Health

Doctor Dr. Bridget Williams
Locations Pickering, Broadview Heights
Pricing $240 for initial certification
$150 for renewal certification

Innovation Wellness

Doctors Dr. Rank Dawson, Jr., MD; Dr. Martha Maier, MD
Location Amelia
Pricing $250 for new patients; $100 for follow-ups
$100 for renewals

InteCare Medical Clinic

Doctor Dr. Zainey
Location Fairborn
Pricing $200 per visit

Lakewood Medical Clinic

Location Lakewood
Pricing $200 for new patients; $100 for follow-ups
$100 for renewals

Medical Marijuana Doctors (MMD)

Doctor Dr. David Whitt
Location Canal Winchester, Gahanna
Pricing $200 for new patients; $25 for follow-ups
$200 for renewals

Lotus Health

Providers Dr. Naila Goldenberg, MD; Teaera Roland, FNP-BC, MSN, RN CCM
Location Mason
Pricing $199 for new patients (non-veterans)
$175 for new patients (veterans)
$150 for renewals

My Marijuana Cards

Location Fayette, Lima
Pricing $200 per year

Ohio Cannabis Connection

Doctors Dr. John Sacco, Dr. Jennifer White, Dr. Allen Guehl
Locations Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton
Pricing $200 for new patients (non-veterans)
$165 for new patients (veterans)
$100 for renewals at the Columbus location, $125 for renewals at the Cincinnati and Dayton

Ohio Green Releaf

Location Cincinnati
Pricing $175 for new patients
$100 for renewals

Ohio Green Team

Doctors Dr. Drew Kowlewesky, Dr. Lee Bowman, Dr. Jessica Price
Location Upper Arlington
Pricing $199 for new patients
$99 for renewals

Ohio Herbal Clinic

Doctor Dr. Joel R. Simmons
Location Columbus
Pricing $125 per visit for two 20-minute visits per year or $199 per single 30-minute visit per year

Ohio Marijuana Card

Doctors Dr. Tim Thress, MD; Dr. Frederick Slezak, MD; Dr. Barbara Abrams, MD; Dr. John Bell, MD; Dr. Alan Wine, MD; Dr. Peter Howison, MD; Dr. Jan Cornell, MD; Dr. Charles Brett, DO; Dr. Tom McCrtney, DO; Dr. Meredith Wylie, MD; Dr. Fred Leess, MD; Dr. Morris Pulliam, MD; Dr. James Arant, MD; Dr. Emily Devol, DO; Dr. Lawrence Chia, MD
Locations Cincinnati, Akron, Mayfield, Beachwood, Toledo, Columbus, Athens, Dayton, Westlake, Youngstown
Pricing Not listed, but $100 not refunded if not approved

Patient Focus Ohio (PFohio) Medical Marijuana Doctor

Doctors & Locations Dr. Cynthia Taylor – Akron, Medina; Dr. Dan Neides – Beachwood, Canton; Dr. Suzanne Croteau – Dayton, Heath
Pricing $249 for non-veteran patients
$149 per year for veterans

Summit Releaf

Doctor Dr. Roman A. Ringel
Location Akron
Pricing $225 for new patient consultation for non-veterans
$175 for new patient consultation for veterans
$125 for annual follow-up for non-veterans
$75 for annual follow-up for veterans


Location throughout Ohio
Pricing $199 for one patient of $379 for two

How to Find Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctor

Usually, when you need to get a medical marijuana card, you start searching suitable options from the best medical marijuana Ohio doctors. You search for the closest location and best value for money. If you don’t have anyone in mind, you type a concrete request in a search engine that sounds like “medical marijuana doctor sandusky ohio” or “medical marijuana doctors near me ohio”. Certainly, this way you can find good doctors in Ohio that prescribe medical marijuana. But isn’t it easier to reduce time spent on searches and use an online service? MMJcard4less offers appointments through teleconference, so you can be qualified for a medical marijuana card in the comfort of your home. With MMJcard4less, you not only find Ohio medical marijuana doctor, but do it easy, secure and at the most convenient time.


As you compare the doctors listed above to the ones at MMJcard4less, keep in mind that you can reach one of our doctors almost anytime, at your convenience. Most of these other doctors only give medical marijuana evaluations a few hours a day, a few days a week, and almost none of them work on weekends.

Note as well that many of the above-listed doctors require follow-up appointments, at your expense, throughout the year, including some who require them quarterly. This can eat into your medical marijuana costs even more. As can the booking fees that many other Ohio medical marijuana docs tack on to your total cost.

You also want to be sure what services and guarantees are included with your cost. Do you get free, anonymous pre qualification online? Do they offer free online medical records requests? Do they offer additional free online patient education regarding medical marijuana usage and current laws? Do they offer a payment plan for services? How much of your money will you get back if it turns out you do not qualify for a medical marijuana card in Ohio?