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By using our telehealth service, you can easily apply for medical marijuana evaluation and schedule a virtual meeting with a doctor in the shortest term. He or she will help you to register on the Patient Regisrty and fill your profile. Once you receive a confirmation, pay the fee and get your card via email.

You can now get your Ohio medical marijuana card online by using telehealth to receive your required MMJ doctor’s examination and recommendation over a videocall rather than in person; then, you can complete the process of applying for your MMJ card and registering as a patient over the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program website.

How to Get Your Medical Marijuanas Card in Ohio Online

Now, you can get a medical marijuana card in Ohio completely online, no in-person doctor’s appointment necessary. Thanks to the advent of telehealth and new laws in the state allowing it to be used for medical marijuana evaluations, getting an Ohio medical marijuana card is now easier than ever. Read on to learn how to get your medical marijuanas card in Ohio online.

How to Qualify for an Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

Before you can proceed to get your Ohio medical marijuana card online, you first need to make sure you qualify for the card to begin with. In order to qualify for a medical marijuana card in Ohio, you must be an Ohio state resident with a doctor’s diagnosis for at least one of the 25 approved qualifying medical conditions. You must also be either at least 18 years of age or have a parent or legal guardian’s authorization for you to have a medical marijuana card and obtain their own caregiver card as your caregiver.

If you meet those qualifications, your next requirement for obtaining an Ohio MMJ card is a medical marijuana recommendation from an Ohio licensed physician who is certified to recommend (CTR) medical marijuana by the State Medical Board of Ohio. Fortunately, you can meet this requirement over the internet without having to travel to a physical doctor’s office.

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How to Get Your Medical Marijuanas Card in Ohio Online

As of March 18, 2020, Ohio allows patients to receive their medical marijuana recommendations online using telehealth. The Ohio voters passed this resolution into law in response to the COVID outbreak and the difficulty it created for patients to see their doctors in person. Ohio will continue to allow telehealth appointments for medical marijuana evaluations for at least as long as the COVID emergency endures, if not longer.

Items You Need to Get Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Online

In order to use telehealth services and the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Board website to get your Ohio medical marijuana card online, you must have the following items:

  • High-speed internet access
  • Internet-capable electronic device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer)
  • Cell phone number and/or email address
  • Valid photo ID (Ohio driver’s license or state ID, US passport or out-of-state driver’s license or state ID)
  • Fees (For doctor’s examination/recommendation and Ohio MMJ card activation fee)

Note that, if you don’t have your own cell phone number or email address, you can use another person’s as your method of contact for your Ohio medical marijuana card, but it should be the cell phone number or email address of someone you trust, such as your registered caregiver or a close family member, and you must have access to it to send and receive important messages related to your registration.

Where to Find an Ohio Medical Marijuana Doctor Online

Our MMJCard4Less service provides online consultations with CTR physicians and helps patients to get a medical marijuana card in Ohio fast and easily from the comfort of their homes. To use MMJCard4Less to get your medical marijuana card online, simply sign up at our website. Provide your basic personal information, like your full name, physical Ohio address and either an email address or phone number. List your qualifying condition(s). Present a valid photo ID. And, pay the $99 fee.

After that, we’ll schedule you for a private and secure videocall with one of our CTR Ohio physicians. The physician will give you a basic examination and determine your qualifications for medical marijuana. If the physician decides you qualify, he or she will submit your medical marijuana recommendation directly to the online Patient Registry on your behalf.

How to get your medical marijuana card in ohio online

Completing Registration for Your Ohio MMJ Card Online

Within a matter of days from there, you should receive an email from the Ohio Board of Pharmacy inviting you to finish the registration process for your Ohio medical marijuana card. The subject line of this email will read: “Ohio Medical Marijuana Registry User Activation”. Within the body of this email will be a link for you to click to take you directly to the Patient Registry, where you’ll log in, finish filling out your profile and pay the state fee. This fee is normally $50, but if you’re a veteran, disabled or low-income, you should qualify for a discounted fee of $15.

Note that the activation link in your confirmation email will only be valid for 90 days. If you let it expire, you will need to request a new one. In addition, this link can only be used once; if you click it a second or subsequent time, you’ll only be sent to an error page. That doesn’t mean you have to complete registration in one sitting after clicking that link. If you are unable to complete registration in one session, you can simply save your progress and log back into your Patient Registry account directly when it’s convenient for you. Just remember, your Ohio MMJ card will not be considered valid and active until you complete your registration and pay the necessary fee.

Benefits of Getting Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card Online

There are many reasons why Ohio patients prefer getting their medical marijuana card using telehealth online over getting it in person. These include factors of:

  • Cost – The cost of running a physical doctor’s office necessitates charging patients much more for appointments, but, as a purely online service, MMJCard4Less can afford to charge you $99 compared with $150-$225 to see a doctor in person. Every required annual renewal, you’ll reap the same savings.
  • Health and safety – During COVID, it can be harrowing to leave the safety of your home to trek to a populated area for any reason, let alone to visit a doctor’s office where you may encounter people who are sick.
  • Convenience – In just a few clicks, you can set up your doctor’s visit, have your appointment with the doctor, register on the Patient Registry, receive confirmation the doctor submitted your medical marijuana recommendation and complete the process of getting your card, including filling out the rest of your profile, paying the fee and getting your card via email.

There’s one additional factor of getting your Ohio MMJ card online that qualifies as a benefit in terms of cost, health and safety and convenience alike. As of March 2021, Ohio instituted Ohio Rev. Code § 4731.36 now allowing patients to use telemedicine to meet with qualifying MMJ doctors from out of state to get the examination and recommendation they need for a medical marijuana card in Ohio.

This law also waived an earlier stipulation on the Ohio law books that said a patient’s initial visit with a medical marijuana doctor had to be conducted in person and only subsequent appointments could be conducted online. Now, Ohio doctors and patients can use telehealth to meet even for the first time.

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Getting a Caregiver Card Online

Currently, medical marijuana home delivery is not available in the state of Ohio. However, if you have a valid Ohio MMJ card and are unable to procure medical marijuana from a licensed Ohio dispensary on your own, you can assign a caregiver to procure your medical marijuana for you. This caregiver must register as a caregiver with the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, however, much like you must register as a patient. Your caregiver must, then, complete registration and pay the necessary fee to receive an Ohio medical marijuana caregiver card. Note that caregiver cards are only activated after the Ohio Board of Pharmacy approves the request.

To make another person your medical marijuana caregiver, you must notify your doctor you would like this person to serve as your medical marijuana caregiver. The doctor will, then, create a caregiver profile for this person in the Ohio medical marijuana registry.

Why Use MMJCard4Less to Get Your Ohio MMJ Card Online

Now that you know all the reasons to get your Ohio medical marijuana card online, here are the reasons to use our services at MMJCard4Less to do it:

  • Our convenient web-based app
  • More affordable fees for both an initial visit and renewal visits
  • Access to our pool of Ohio CTR doctors
  • The ability to start establishing medical records of your diagnosis and treatment if you don’t already have them

Getting your medical marijuana card online has never been easier. Schedule an appointment and apply for your medical card to ensure legal access to cannabis products. MMJCard4Less will get you in contact with experienced medical professionals who can help you start your MMJ card application process online in minutes.