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Existing Research on Potential Medical Benefits of Marijuana

The cannabis plant contains more than 540 different chemical substances, more than 100 of which are known as cannabinoids. Many of these contain properties with potentially therapeutic effects on the

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face to face or telemedicine
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Compare MMJ Cards Prices: Doctor Visit in Person vs. Telemedicine

When getting a medical marijuana card today, you have the choice of seeing a doctor in person at a physical office for your medical marijuana evaluation and recommendation, or use

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ohio medical marijuana laws
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Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws 2021

Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Ohio. Like any state with legal medical marijuana, however, Ohio has specific laws governing its medical marijuana program with detailed rules and

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Ohio Telehealth Guidelines Specific to Marijuana
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Ohio’s Recent Lifting of Doctor Restrictions to Practice Telemedicine Includes Medical Marijuana Evaluations

It's now easier than ever to get your medical marijuana card in Ohio, as you can now get that Ohio medical marijuana card online. On March 2, 2021, the Federation

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ohio medical marijuana card for anxiety
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Can You Get a Medical Card for Anxiety in Ohio?

When, in the autumn of 2016, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed Ohio House Bill 523 into law, thus establishing the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, 21 medical conditions were then

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can you get a medical card for depression in ohio
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Can You Get a Medical Card for Depression in Ohio?

Depression is a serious and debilitating medical condition that strikes 18% of the US adult population, or about 40 million people, according to the Anxiety and Depression Society of America.

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Using Video Telemedicine to Get a Medical Card in Ohio
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In this new COVID era, leaving your home for any reason, even a visit to a doctor, may no longer just be inconvenient but life-threatening. For times like these, technology

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Ohio Medical Marijuana Program Continues to Grow
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One Year In & Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Program is Still Growing Strong

One year after Ohio's legalization of medical marijuana, the Ohio Medical Marijuana Program continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Already, the state recognizes 21 qualifying medical conditions for legal

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